It’s no news that keeping new year resolutions is a daunting task. One that only a handful are able to see through barely the first 2 months of the year.

But why is it so hard to keep new year resolutions?

  • They are unrealistic goals

Most of the things people set for new year resolution and plainly unrealistic goals. Click To Tweet

Take for instance, 

I, Tolulope Abraham will make a billion dollar this year.

Must win the Grammys this year.

I’ll win the Nobel prize this year.

These resolutions are plainly unrealistic because, first, they are things that take years of preparation and hard work, not just something you wake up one day and decide you want to go for. Which leads to the next point.

  • They are merely spurred of the moment.

The end and start of a new year, be it the calendar year or a birth year comes with evaluating how the last 365 days were spent and what your achievements were like. And this often times with the realization that you have wasted your life, so in a bud to sit up, out of the mere spur of the moment, and not a deep-rooted commitment to change based on fact and reason, you set new resolution.

As much as there is nothing wrong with new year resolutions, your resolutions shouldn't be white goose chase. Click To Tweet

Take, for instance, you want to lose weight, you don’t just pick a number out of the blues of how much weight you want to lose, you don’t have a trainer, mo diet plan, you don’t know what your body metabolism is.

It is okay to be spurred up to give your life a 180 degree turn around, but your decisions should be well thought out. Planned and researched.

  • They aren’t resolution material

Some resolutions aren’t just resolution materials. Take, for instance, stopping a habit. As good as that is, it isn’t a resolution material.

Habits are lifestyles formed over an extensive period of time. And habits are dropped just the same way they were acquired, over a period of time while building a new habit.

  • They are people dependent

Resolutions that aren’t just depended on you to be achieved aren’t healthy. Let’s say you resolve to get married this year and you aren’t even dating anyone yet, not like you already had an agreement with someone last year that “this year is your year”, then you are just setting yourself up for a heartbreak and huge frustration.

Except you are going to be a witch or wizard and conjure people to carry out your plan, then make resolutions that are within your power to achieve.

People fall out of their new year resolutions so fast because they expect to break all laws of nature. They want to lose 10kg in just one gym visit, c’mon.

Make realistic goals instead of new year resolution. Click To Tweet

Take steps to build a lifestyle instead of a wild goose chase.

Cut yourself some slack, of course, don’t be lazy.

Put up a measure to help you stay true to your goals.

Review your goals as time goes by and you have newer insight on it.

And you would have achieved more this year.

Cheers to a more productive year.

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