We have our different ways of relieving pain or hurt, for me, it’s listening or producing music or taking a walk but for a friend of mine it is crying, as long as she can let the tears roll and let them all out she is good, as though nothing happened, funny right?
One of the most touching sights you can see is seeing a tear roll down someone’s cheek. Either inspired by deep emotion or the type that comes after the excessive laughter and maybe cutting onions ;).
God created tears and I’m sure He has a reason for doing so. I am not sure what that reason is, but He did anyways. Shedding tears may not be a happy thing, but it has proven to be a great means of relieving hurt or expressing deep emotions. Isn’t it funny how you express both extreme sadness and joy by the same means; tears. It is like a rain after a deep dark cloud, it reveals the beautiful blue skies beneath it.
So feel free, let the tears roll every time it comes. Whether in a movie theatre or beside the grave of a loved one. But most especially don’t ignore the sight of a tear. Try and find out what the source is. If unpleasant do your best to share in the pain, to wipe the tear away. Who knows? Maybe the reason God made the tear is to serve as a means of exposing that which could have just been suffered in isolation, in the secret of the soul.
Please note, this post is about tears not crying :D. I hate to see people cry. My saddest day actually was the day I saw my mum cry. This post is in the series of God’s greatest inventions, kindly check the archive for the previous posts ;).

Aii, thank you for reading, kindly leave a comment, share your story, I will be excited to see them.
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