The Best Time to Make The Move

Image by © Tim Pannell/Corbis

Image by © Tim Pannell/Corbis

I find it funny- how we think about doing something so much and how we think we aren’t doing that thing enough; how we need to be better at acting, taking a step, carrying out the action. However, right after the whole self-scolding and worrying about not acting well, we stand right up, walk away and do nothing.

The best time to act is that moment you realize you need to act. Click To Tweet

You wake up in the morning, think about how you haven’t been spending regular time in personal devotion with God, you beat yourself up and complain about everything that is choking up your life and leaving you with no time, but you stand right up from bed and walk straight into your bath. I am sure if you were watching your life like a movie at that moment, you would have exclaimed “Oh dummy, why didn’t you just get out of bed? Go on your knees and pray at that exact moment”.

Or you complain about how distanced you have been from your parents or friends, how you have not cared enough or kept in touch, and instead of picking up the phone right at that moment, dial up their number, or send a text,  or something, you stop right at worrying that you aren’t acting – how wise.

The greatest enemy to acting, is thinking how less you aren’t acting. You can call it worrying. Sometimes, “thinking too much” is just the term I like to use.

You don’t have to figure out every piece of the puzzle before making a move, you don’t have to have all the questions answered before taking a step. You have to realize that life is in steps, in phases. Time is on an infinite motion, if you don’t seize the one you have now to make that move, shoot that shot, say a prayer, call up a friend, register the business, you just might never do it till  sometime in the future. Hopefully it won’t be too late then.

The greatest enemy to acting, is thinking how less you aren’t acting. Click To Tweet

I wish you well.




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1 Comment

  1. Thus got me real good!!! I’m blessed and corrected.

  2. God bless you for these constant practical solutions.

    1. Amen! So grateful you find our articles practicable. 🙂

  3. I can relate with some of what you mentioned in this post Tee. Although a lot of that has changed in recent times all thanks to God. Beht Bro, why you no add “approach/toast that babe” 😉 to one of the moves that need to be made now nau? *covers face*

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