Passenger Jet Zooming Into the SkyHello, Happy New year 2015!
This year, livegiva2 blog will be introducing the subject of significance with the title “The journey to significance.” We would have observed at some point in our lives that life is not a destination but a journey and every day is a day we live in that journey of life.
The journey to significance is the journey of a successful life and it begins from the journey from within. The journey from our innermost minds with the resolution to succeed winning at every instance in the battles of life. This journey from within is a journey full of passion, full of zeal, full of our utmost determination to excel, a journey that should lead us not only to success but unto significance.
From each post, we will learn the fundamental principles on what it takes to be significant. The posts on this topic are designed to be short and straight to the point.
I therefore charge you to desire more from this year. Transform your resolutions to responsibilities and be diligent to work at it. At the end of the day, it is all you do that matters not all you dream or wish.
As much as we all aim to be successful, there is more to being successful. There are so many successful people that are not significant but you cannot be significant and not be successful.
Here’s a simple but powerful exercise to change your life in this New Year. Curled from Brian Tracy Laws of business.
Take out a piece of paper and make a list of ten things that you want to achieve over the next twelve months. 
Write out your goals in the present tense, as though a year has passed and you have already achieved them. Use the word “I” before each goal to personalize it, as in “I earn X number of dollars per year.” “I achieve such and such level of sales (or profits).” Your subconscious mind only accepts commands that are personal, positive and in the present tense.
This is an amazing exercise, almost magical. If all you did was to write down ten goals on a sheet of paper and then put it away for a year, at the end of twelve months, when you take it out, you will be astonished. When you re-read the list after one year, you will find that eight of your ten goals have been achieved, sometimes in the most remarkable of ways. Often your goals will materialize much faster.

Best Regards,

Adekunle Oluwadara

About the author:

Oluwadara is an Engineer, A speaker and a writer. She is passionate about living a significant life and bringing out the best in people.

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