old_clock_black_and_white-wallpaper-960x540Have you considered the endless transitions of time; How today fades away quickly to give tomorrow it’s chance, or how a new day spontaneously emerges from nowhere? Don’t you think it’s amazing that the future seems so far away and then…. BOOM! Without any warning, it’s all up in your face.

I still can’t believe I’m turning twenty in the next few days. The way we age! The way time flies! How can I be turning twenty so soon? OMG! Twenty seemed so far away just a few years ago and now forty, fifty, sixty seems so far right now. Does it mean that very soon I’ll be turning forty too? (Speaking of aging, God knows I’ll age gracefully,It just has to be that way).

The thing is, I can still remember so clearly the days of ojujucalabar, Miss koi koi and all the other scary characters in this category, the days of playing happily under the rain, the days of singing rhymes, flying kites, making paper boats (if you didn’t do this, what did you use your notebooks for?), days of wearing beaded hairdos and pinafore uniforms. Those days when you finished your homework, and you’re allowed to watch cartoons all day, from power puff girls to Pinky and the brain. Oh! How can I forget Scooby doo and the rewarding Scooby snacks? (Rewarding? Scooby doo is the only one who can actually prove this), And I thought Johnny Bravo was cute ?? by the way.

These Pleasant memories of my childhood have become stories, If you didn’t live in my days, you might not relate to most part. But, If you’re reading this, you must have had a childhood of your own. Take a while to reflect only on the positive aspects. Think of the things you can brag about now, and how it all began in those good ol’ days. So where does all this reflection lead us to? I was once a child but now I’m not one anymore. I once told someone that “there are certain things time can’t change; what God expects from us doesn’t change, whether we belong to the Olden days or The 21st century”. What effect does time actually have? As time passes, our ages change, our responsibilities are likely to change, our bodies change as well. But our thoughts and behavior change when we decide. (“When I was a child I thought and behaved like a child but now that I’m old I must put away childish things” – I Cor 13:11).

Time is one of our greatest resources, what we do with it determines the outcome of our lives. No matter how powerful time seems, It won’t make our decisions for us- This means we still have the power to determine our fate. So time is not so powerful after all!

Dear Reader, let’s make new memories – memories of adventure, let’s create new stories – stories of hope and success. Soon, today will become yesterday, and the present will be the past. And all we’ll have are the memories, the stories – What will they be? You think time would tell? No! dear reader, we will.

Written by;

Gabrielle Egwu


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