What Keeps Me Going #3


Woman on a train looking out the windowGod keeps me going. Sounds cliche but seriously if my life is going to be cliche, I would rather it was with God. On those days I feel like giving up, I always struggle in the midst of doubt and I manage to say “help me Lord”. Guess what? It always works better than magic.
Purpose. Since I found purpose in God, it’s been awesome. When I feel down, I remember my deal with God, when fear creeps in, I remember my deal with God, when people talk me down, I remember my deal with God, when I ain’t got no money, I remember my deal with God. My Purpose is My Security!
My failures and mistakes! Sincerely, I have failed a lot… One too many times and I’ve made stupid, stupid mistakes (sigh!) but the thing I’ve realised about them is that once I get beyond that stage, everything is always fine. From my experiences, I’ve learnt that my failures make me wiser and my mistakes make me stronger, so these days, I just look forward to them. The fact that I survived my past means nothing is insurmountable.

Destiny Dena

Image by © Erica Shires/Corbis

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  1. It’s not cliche or maybe it sounds cliche… But it’s true. People want to be around me and it’s because of God. When I didn’t understand what a relationship with Him meant, I was so mean, even mean people hated me! God has given me everything and is the reason I Live!!!

  2. Lol! I was mean as hell too. I wonder what no1 motivation people not in Christ move with, because no matter what it is, it can never fill that God-void in every living human.

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