Mother Reprimanding Her Child “For in the end, I’ll still be the one to be held responsible for my life, for whatever outcome my life produces and for wherever I end up”.

How true! It is so easy to find someone to blame for every ugly outcome from one’s life – How an uncle didn’t help, how a lecturer hated you, or how you were robbed of something precious.
But really, think about it. In the end, you are still responsible. Unplanned and ugly events will always occur. However, for even these unforeseen events, you are still responsible for how you decide to respond or react.
In the end, you have no excuse, no one to blame for how things turned out. You are still responsible.
Everybody is busy with their own life. Get busy with yours and stop expecting everybody to leave theirs, or live theirs for you.
Remember- whether you pass or fail, lose or win, in the end, you are still responsible.
I learnt this the hard way, but now I’m responsible for what I decide to do about that, just like you are responsible for what you do with what you just read.

In the end, you are still the one responsible.

* * *

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