Wife Throwing Her Husband Out of the House

Despite my best intentions, it comes to this. It was 30 years, 30 years of the best time of my life, 30 years of being married to the best and most beautiful woman in the whole wide world, it was our 30th wedding anniversary last week. I planned a big surprise for “my precious”. It’s simple, go on my knees for the second time in the same restaurant I did 31 years ago, confessing and reaffirming my undying love for her.

In a covered plate pre-arranged with the waiter will be the key to a brand new BMW x7. You have to understand that the money is not the problem, I am. One thing led to another and all I could manage on our anniversary eve was a fatigued “I love you” to my darling wife who was half asleep. I wonder how classic it would have been if I was able to pull off the plan. The worst part is that she will never know how much I planned for the day.

I am the only child of my parents, not that I was the only child. We were three but lost the other two. I never knew them though. My parents had gone through thick and thin, storm and fire to make us who we are today, into making me the man I am.

Letting me go was hard for them when I got an admission to study my first choice course, Robotics Engineering in the UK, the tuition came from hard-earned money and loans. I felt the least I can give back to them is to graduate in bright colours and that motivated my singular resolution on entering the campus which is to be the best that I can be. It is supposed to be my graduation tomorrow but I’ll have to wait an extra year or more to mop up my failed courses. I only wish my parents will forgive me and know that I had better intentions.

I wished to…
You wanted to…
He  planned to…
I almost…

When the opportunity to act is lost, what remain are regrets.

I hate regrets, it is the worst torture that exists. Regrets are result of missed opportunities, uncultivated intentions or ideas. So ACT TODAY, LET THE LAST REGRET BE THE LAST. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE INTENTIONS TODAY.

Remember the only person that will ever know about those mind-bowing intentions is you.

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