LifeGiva Internship (March-May) 2019

Do you have a passion for digital and creative media (graphic and cinematography), video production, content creation, digital marketing or marketing/operations? Our March-May Internship 2019 Program might just be for you!!!

Internship Duration – 8 weeks – 12 weeks

  • All internships are unpaid.

Who can apply

  • Students
  • New graduates
  • Someone with free time

What you will gain

  • Hands-on experience in a specific area necessary for your desired career path.
  • A chance to work on amazing projects that will boost your resume.
  • The opportunity to own your skill in an enabling and encouraging environment.
  • Learn and practice creative thinking for solving real business problems.

Fields of Interest

  • Video Production For those who have a passion for film-making, video production and editing. Interns will be responsible for capturing and editing video content for our media platforms; Blog, YouTube, IGTV, SnapChat Discovery & Podcast. This position requires experience in Adobe Premiere Pro and/or Final Cut.
  • Content Creation – For those who have a passion for creative writing, podcasting and vlogging. Interns will be responsible for creating contents for Lifegiva’s media platforms; Websites, Social Media pages, YouTube, IGTV, SnapChat Discovery & Podcast.
    • Writing
    • Speaking/Podcasting
    • Vlogging
  • Digital Marketing – For those who are social media savvy or looking to own a skill in digital marketing. Interns will be responsible for pushing traffic, sales and reach and impressions for our pages, websites, product or services.
  • Graphics Designing You should know how to use one of (at lease intermediate level) Adobe Graphic Suite; Photoshop, After Effect, InDesign
  • Business (Operations/Marketing) – Interns will be exposed to many aspects of the company including marketing, operations and sales.


  • Be Passionate
  • Own a laptop
  • Stay in Lagos


Send your resume and a one-page letter telling us what you are passionate about and how this Internship Program will add to your career growth. Also, add your social media handles, please!

In the subject of the mail, kindly indicate interested internship position you are applying for.

All emails should be forwarded to 

We wish you an exciting experience at LIFEGIVA.


LIFEGIVA is a registered LLC, so your internship experience is not just ‘voluntary’ experience; it counts on your CV.


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