Introverts Guide To Surviving Social Gathering

Weddings, parties, hangouts, social gatherings generally are serious issues for me. Although, I love people, but I find it totally exhausting to be around too many at the same time. But in a world where you have to go out, meet people, socialize…how can an introvert like me survive social gatherings?

Let me run you through our introverted party side. A true story. I woke up on my convocation day, and like any other person, my excitement level was a hundred. I had my Clothes check, Face beat check. My Friends and Family are turning up and of course the legendary Party Jollof will be present.

So you see, everything was set to have a great party and it was my party, so I was the center of attention.

Slightly after the official ceremony my head started to ache, just when the real party was about to begin. Oh, I could still fake a smile for the camera, play around and chit chat.

In less than 2 hours my head was banging so hard I could not fake a smile, I was frowning at my own party. It felt like I would drop dead anytime.

I suddenly could not wait for the party to end and to be left alone.

This exhaustion is not particular to my own parties but any social gathering if I stay too long.

It took me so long to know and accept that it’s okay to be introverted but it’s possible to also enjoy social activities at my own pace.

So here are a few tips on how to enjoy social activities for introverted folks like me;

1.You don’t have go.

Weird for a first point. But see, not all invites are for you to accept. If you are not comfortable with the party or the venue you don’t have to go. To survive social outings as an introvert, learn to function at your pace.

To survive social outings as an introvert, learn to function at your pace. Click To Tweet

Socialization is  inevitable and it’s  healthy, even for introverts. However, as with everything in life learn to choose your struggles wisely.

Example skipping things like celebrations for people you don’t  know (you know those tag along events) is healthy.

2. Recharge before and after.

In our introverted world we get energy from personal space while extroverted folks get their energy from people.

Ensure to get some alone time before you go for that party so that you don’t exhaust yourself too soon.

Also after the party take some time to recharge your battery dear Introvert.

3. Go with a sidekick.

One of the most tiring things for an introvert is meeting too many new people at the same time. So if you have to go to a hangout or meeting with many people you’re probably unfamiliar with go with someone or a few people who are familiar with the new people. This way you can have someone introduce you to new people and ease your conversation.

If you have to go to a hangout or meeting with many people you're probably unfamiliar with go with someone or a few people who are familiar with the new people. Click To Tweet

4. Have a plan.

One thing that helps me with social gatherings is my plan or the reason why I decided to go, or my purpose for being there.

Honestly some of the reasons may sound very insignificant like I want to know the trending styles or I want to Learn something new about people but what makes it fun is not the reason but my achieving it helps me get through the day.

So the next time you have to be at an event and you’re worried just create your own plan then concentrate on achieving them.

5. Have an escape plan.

It’s always easier to go to social gatherings with friends or people who you’re familiar with but it’s wise to have your exit plan. If before the party is over you are burnt out, it’s okay to excuse yourself and call it a day. Make provisions for your trip back home just incase your friends are not ready to go.

6. Know your energy gauge.

Although I love to play games, scream or run around I would get tired faster than if I was just having conversations or helping out. So I gauge my energy level when I am out, I can play a bit when I start to feel tired, I will sneak out, breathe, walk or just rest and the cycle continues.


It’s fine to be introverted but it’s not fine for it to determine or regulate the quality of your life. People are important to our growth process which makes social activities important for everyone.

I hope this helps you dear Introvert, let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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