Is Love Enough to Keep a Relationship Or Marriage? (Real Responses)

Many have argued that love (in its real essence) is more than enough to make a successful relationship, while others think there is more to a relationship or marriage than just love. What is your opinion?

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Yes but only the kind that we get from God. This kind comes with everything you need to have an excellent relationship and marriage.

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@ndakarakevwe you know that before my answer would’ve been no. Until I read a post by @iamjodeep explaining something and from 1cor 13…if it’s not enough, I don’t know what can be.

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@ndakarafavour love is sufficient 1cor 13! Love is enough! We cannot water it down. Love is enough! Love is sufficient!!!!!😊 God defines what love is, and everything would be successful, if we diligently follow Him.

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Love (in the true essence of it) is enough. Love that is not defined by butterflies, physical appearance or cute pictures for the gram.

Love (in the true essence of it) is enough. Love that is not defined by butterflies, physical appearance or cute pictures for the gram. - @thegatherings__ Click To Tweet


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Love is, the problem is that people don’t truly understand that love is all encapsulating. The respect, friendship, commitment and every other thing they list as relationship sustainers all come from love. Love is a decision and not a feeling, understanding love from the perspective of Christ changes everything
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People don’t understand love, that’s why they think that love is not enough.
People mentioning “trust”, “commitment” should know that LOVE covers all those things (and more). ‘As Christ Loves..’ must remain the standard though.
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Love was enough to die for us on the cross of calvary whilst we were yet sinners. Maybe if we can love like that then love will be enough. Maybe we think that when we love, we cannot make mistakes and hurt each other. Maybe we need to understand that with love comes the greatest hurt and the easiest forgiveness. I mean, it was love that nailed Jesus to the cross. It is because of that same love we are forgiven forevermore. Maybe this kind of love can withstand any pain you can possibly encounter in a relationship. Then again, it is in love we respect each other, it is in love we value each other and it is in love we conquer the world together as friends who cannot live without each other. So, is love enough? Maybe. You decide.
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I think we should get married people who have lived for max 5 years and above come share their experiences with us on here. It is easy to give various definitions based on our ideas of what Love is till you experience it and you are tested by a lot.I would love to see married couples with experience share. However I think Love is a good foundation. However as Christians who would like to experience this, I believe the fear of God is what sustains a marriage. We have different ideas of what Love is. But what makes someone not cheat or misbehave is their understanding that they should not do something that God does not like. Once I have God’s love and imbibe it as well as the fear of God then it becomes easy. Total surrender to God and letting God be at the Centre of the relationship is key towards having a successful relationship.
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My answer is No. If is only love then there would not have been divorce stories everywhere,wen u ask a divorced couple do u love urself they will answer yes but still they wan to go on their separate ways.
Tolulope Oludapo:
Most of the comments suggest that love in its real essence is enough because it bears all the ingredients that makes for a great relationship and marriage. But I don’t think this is explained properly.

There are different types of love;

  • Storge – empathy bond.
  • Philia – friend bond.
  • Eros – romantic love.
  • Agape – unconditional “God” love

Most people mistake Agape; unconditional love as the only type of love that is needed for marriage to work, but you need all those 4 types. If you have all the 4 then maybe we can say that love is enough.

Here is the only addition I’ll make. Getting to the point where you decide to love someone takes a process, takes phases of growth, takes some factors, some decisions. Just make sure you do it intelligently and with an open eye.

Imagine you love (in the true essence) an angry, disrespectful abusive man or woman. Your love will be tried and frustrated.

Getting to the point where you decide to love someone takes a process. Make sure you do it intelligently, with an open eye. Imagine you love a disrespectful/abusive person. Your love will be tried and frustrated. - @tolulopeoludapo Click To Tweet
What is your take on this question? Is love enough to sustain a relationship or marriage? Are there other factors we oftentimes miss? Please share your thought as a comment below.

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