Is This What Marriage Does To People?

Do I have a crush on her? I asked myself as I looked out through the window. The window net behind the louver didn’t give me a clear view, but the person I was looking at through the window was clear enough for me to see her smile.

I shook my head as if trying to chase the demon that was whispering ‘you have a crush on her‘ away from my head. I definitely didn’t have a crush on her, she was older than I was and moreover, I had my eyes and heart for someone else, and I was a one-woman guy, but one thing I was certain I felt for her was Respect.

She was working with a paramilitary organization as at this time, and she was as agile as it comes. She was firm, full of life and got along with the many children that lived in the house. She had this smile that made even the night glow, showing off her dimples. No, I do not have a crush on her.

Anyway, something happened and it sort of changed all this, at least from my perspective. SHE GOT MARRIED!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I definitely want to get married to an awesome lady sometime in the nearest future, so I love marriage. What I have an issue with, however, is that by the time I was seeing her, barely six months after the wedding, she had become a totally different person. She had lost the glint in her eyes, her smile had lost its glow, all I noticed were just traces.

Though she was still friendly, she had become almost sluggish, doing things mechanically. A simple question popped in my head “Is this what marriage does to people“.

Isn’t marriage suppose to bring out the best in people? Isn’t marriage supposed to make people better, make them glow more, achieve more together and be better rather than going downhill???

Oops! Maybe the issue then is that this happens when you marry the wrong person, yeah…? Did she marry the wrong person? Is it just that she is just adjusting to change that marriage has brought to her life, a few more months

Did she marry the wrong person? Is it just that she is just adjusting to change that marriage has brought to her life, a few more months and she will regain her spunk back?

I couldn’t find the perfect answer until Adam, the first man in the human race taught me a lesson, a lesson I plan to share with you in the next post.

Meanwhile, can you share with me and other readers different things you have noticed about newly weds, or you can probably help me spot what exactly what happened to this person.

I look forward to hearing from you! (In the comment below)

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