Concept of liar
Have you noticed that most times we say “I was just kidding”, this is always preceded by a lie? You don’t think so? Look at the following examples.
Dave told his teacher, “Sir, I forgot to do my homework”, the teacher started out in rage, then he said, “I was just kidding”.
A husband promised to give his wife a hand while preparing dinner for them when it was time to cook, the wife called to the husband whose response was, “Do you really think that I was serious, I was just kidding”.
And what our popular first of April, the April fool 😀 We definitely don’t mean any harm, it’s just for the fun of it.
Dave in his defence distinguished joke from a lie, a joke is a lie told in order to create amusement with the intention of revealing the truth in the end while a lie is to deceive with no intention of letting the truth be known.
The legendary Barney Stinson defined lie as a great story that someone ruined by the truth.
Truth be told, lies can be a great saviour out of a tight and compromising situation. While talking with a friend recently, she recounted how lying about her location or what she’s doing has saved her from the fangs to lurking guys with boiling testosterone.
Sometimes, lying just seems to be the best option, especially because the truth is told can be taken lightly, or telling the truth sometimes is just painstaking.
Knowing all the bible said about a lie, a popular one being “all liars shall go to hell“, a quotation from Rev 21:8, “…all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur.
How do we draw the line? Or is there any common line between jokes, lie to escape and lie to deceive?
Do we speak the truth regardless of the repercussion? Do we lie with the mind of asking for forgiveness after? (a post on that is coming soon). Are there situations where telling a lie is justified???
Contribute, let us reason on this together. Present your argument with your reasons. People like me that have been caught in this web of confusion needs to read your comment. Please don’t ignore.

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