The Journey To Your Personal Transformation: Your Own Workbook – Review

A Review of “The Journey To Your Personal Transformation: Your Own Workbook” by Dolamu Badejo

Dolamu Badejo is an industry skilled, qualified image and professional development consultant. Her love for guiding individuals -to birth into reality their aspirations and dreams- has led her to write this detailed book which also is a workbook as it provides activities that let her readers’ pen down their thoughts.

The book takes its title from the view that every individual is on a journey to personal transformation. Dolamu’s powerful focus on the need for a conscious positive personal transformation, the relatable stories, and the activities earns this book a unique place in the heart of every reader. The title envelops the writer’s best words to help individuals experience a transformation that will lead them to live a life that they envision.

This book review provides a summary of the steps discussed by the author and also examines how the author’s work stands out differently to address real-life issues for everyone desiring a change in their current state.

Dolamu takes her time in providing seven steps that every individual in life on the journey to personal transformation must go through. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the seven steps provided are a fixed one to personal transformation. The writer has chosen to write from her perspective and this isn’t a deniable fact as it totally relates to a large number of individuals.  The writer does a good job in arranging accordingly each of the seven steps as each step presumably leads to the next one. It is assumed that no individual can easily skip a step to the last.  The steps are intelligently suggested with a goal that by the end of reading the book, partaking in the activities/ challenges and finally, adhering to the points discussed; every reader would have discovered their truths and become the best version of themselves.

For every step discussed by the writer, there’s a little note right beneath it. This appears to be a tagline for summarizing every step as it is first introduced.  Here’s a tagline for step four “Break away from all limiting beliefs and open yourself to a new phase of learning.” This already gives the reader a brief of what the step is about. In step one titled “A Clean Slate”, the author explains the need to possess the power of imagination. To paint a picture of where you would like to be and believe it. This happens to be the most important in this level.

The author gives the tag “Desire and Prepare” to step two. This means that it’s not enough to have a mental picture and just relax. There’s a need to desire and prepare for it. She encourages how wise enough it is to have in clear terms and details the things that we desire.

Step three talks about the need to “Commit to Output” as nothing good comes out without a process. She talks about the need to contribute and commit to the process of our desired output which is the point of transformation. Truth is, as we go through the journey of our personal transformation, there’s a need to break away from all limiting beliefs and consciously desire to learn new things.

Next is the third step. This is a step where every individual has to “Unlearn to Learn.” No individual in his or right senses will dare to expect mango seeds after sowing orange seeds.

In this next step, this is what the author tries to express. She reveals the need to “Cultivate a Positive Mentality” as positivity is the key to transformation. Expecting positive results when you have a negative mindset doesn’t equate a good result.

Introducing the sixth step which is “Increase Your Value Offering” the author discusses the need to increase one’s scale of relevance. She talks about the essence of increasing your value offering in a different light because it’s never a complete transformation if it doesn’t initiate transformation in other people.

Lastly, the seventh step is to “Live Your Truth.” The author makes known the need to become the best version of you because being a transformed person isn’t living a life of lies and hidden identity.


Having done a very brief summary of the book, there are very outstanding ideas that the writer infuses into the book.

First, the choices of words are well defined and simply convincing. There are new words to learn as you read.

Also, the writer’s point of view is clearly portrayed and understood as the steps discussed in the book are easily connected with every individual. The ideas are well developed and covered.  The writer didn’t just go through the usual thread of writing a book but provides a platform for her readers to dig deep, explore and find the answers right in them. The activity lets the readers swim in an ocean of reasoning as it demands them to write at the end of the chapters. The challenge is also a brilliant idea.

Dolamu didn’t just write a book and then leave her readers disconnected; she makes available contact addresses for every reader to forward their thoughts, ideas, question and challenge experience too.

By adding a cube to the reality of this book, the writer shares some real-life experiences as it relates to her and others. Some examples are The story of a client who isn’t happy with her body shape, the negativity towards her car, the wish in the conference in Ghana, the man in the church traffic warden team, the boy who sings and hasn’t discovered his true voice etc. Dolamu also makes use of Symbolism as seen in the use of the “cup” to represent the mind. She makes reference to the Nigeria National Anthem to further explain her point.

It’s amazing how the author states that no reader should go further in reading the book if he/she is yet to paint a picture in few written lines of what he/she wants out of their self-transformation. This is because Dolamu leaves her readers to create their convictions as the book alone wouldn’t help them. They have to willingly take a part in the game.

Having thoughtfully read Dolamu’s “The Journey To Your Personal Transformation”, I recommend this book to individuals ready to experience a change from their current state to a lifestyle that they desire and deserve.


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