LADIES: How Do You Tell a Guy You Don’t Like Him, GUYS: How Should a Lady Tell You She Doesn’t Like You?

“Aww…I didn’t know you saw me that way, but “I love you as a friend””, was the text written on a friend’s BBM Display Picture, after laughing for a while I asked her about it and she expressed how she hates that phrase, but knowing fully well that it’s a language spoken more often by them, I asked her what she tells the guys that like her and ask her out, but who she doesn’t like or doesn’t wanna date. And here is her own turn-down phrase; “I’m not ready for a relationship”.

I’ll be posting an article I have titled “A better alternative to “I love you as a friend” soon, but I really want your answer to the question below.

Ladies; What do you tell guys that you don’t like and you are certain that you don’t want to date when they make love advances towards you?

Guys; since we do the chasing most of the times and not everyone you like will like or agree to date us. How will you like the lady to tell you that she doesn’t love you or doesn’t wanna date you?

Kindly post as a comment.

So as not to be biased, I know girls make advances to guys also; Is it a right thing? How should the guy nicely let her know he isn’t interested (If he isn’t interested), All of that in another post(s).

I’m eager to read your comment. To post a comment, just TYPE IN YOUR COMMENT and hit POST COMMENT, and voila.

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