Ladies, Who is a Mature Man?

As a guy who strives everyday, like almost every man to act as responsible, mature or “manly” as can be, I sometimes try to evaluate myself to check how responsible or matured I am. But it can be difficult as a guy sometimes.

How exactly do ladies gauge a guy’s maturity? In a bid to gain a correct perspective, I would like contributions from ladies.

So ladies, who is a mature man to you?

What characteristics do you see in a man that makes you want to become his friend or partner, or how can you identify a “husband material”?

  • Is it his spirituality?
  • His body build?
  • Job and financial stability?
  • Responsibility and Disciplne
  • Fashion sense?
  • What exactly???

Guys, what do ladies tell you maturity means to them? What have you done that got ladies seeing you as mature or immature?

Kindly leave a comment below, I am really hoping to gain from your contributions. Thanks

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