If you are the type who believes that all the variables of the equation must sum up before you draw your conclusion. That the decision must make logical or financial sense before you take action. I bet one thing must be characteristic of you: you have little or no records of an “outstanding fit”. How can I be so sure or draw such an abrupt conclusion?
Simple, look all around you, what exceptional creation do you see that was not a result of either a risk (calculated or not), or a deviation from the “generally accepted” belief? Let me ask you, “Mr. or Miss Realist”, how do laws or principles arise?
Before I go all spiritual, think of the Wright brothers. It was a certified law in the world of mechanical engineering that no metal object could be suspended in the air. However, the Wright brothers chose to believe otherwise. If not a leap of faith, what else will you call seeing the impossible and having enough audacity to act against the authorities /brains in the mechanical engineering field?
The celebrated patriarch of faith, Abraham, got his title by believing God and acting against what was sensible to the human intellect. Or how do you explain a 75-year old man setting out on a journey with his entire nuclear family and possessions to a location he was totally unaware of, just because a voice asked him to. That is equivalent to insanity. However, if he had not taken that leap of faith, he would have ended up without a child; his lineage would have been wiped off the face of the earth, and I will not be using his name in this article. Also, nobody would have known he ever lived; neither would anybody be named after him like I am :).
The examples are endless: the reformers, the revolutionists etc.
So, why do you insist that the choice be obviously workable and plain before you act? Sometimes, you just have to step out of your boat hoping that the water will bear you up against the law of nature just like Peter did, just because Jesus, the Lord of nature said: “Come”. It might be awkward and weird, it might feel like you are about to sink or slip in the process, but keep walking. Do not listen to the voices telling you that you will not make it. Keep your focus on Him who is able to empower you to do the impossible.
Remember, the just will live by faith, nothing else. Make that call today. Submit the proposal. Take a leap of faith. You might never know, you might just land on your feet and not fall like you thought you would. I remember closing a previously-posted article HERE with:

Take a risk (not a foolish one); do something unexpected for once and leave the regret for later, and guess what? It just might never come.

Thank you for reading, I hope, today’s article was of help? Kindly check back tomorrow as there are amazing post coming every day of this week. Kindly let others know what you have been a beneficiary of here (on Facebook, Twitter, your youth group, etc) and more importantly leave a comment :D.

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