I am not frequent on “non-Christian” music channels, not because I think listening to non-Christian song is a sin (Read more in this post I titled “MY OPINION ON SECULAR MUSIC“), but on this fateful day, I had a dare need to use my laptop and the closest place I could get a power source was my barbing salon that is just a stone throw from my house, so I packed my laptop, phone and power bank and headed to this salon. And like most other barbing salons, one of these music channels was up, I am not sure which one it is, maybe Trace, SoundCity or HipTV.

After four hours in this salon being baptised with the best of Nigerian’s Afro Hip-Hop songs which I must confess are highly entertaining; something had changed in me or more like, something was added to me. I was released into the street with a new awareness or should I rather say “a heightened awareness” of the female body parts. I know they have always been there, but this time, I was really aware of them, and could not help but stare and classify them to sizes and grades.

I had to call my eyes and my mind to order. I could not but help wonder what the effect of the massive consumption of such material will have or is having on the general populace; on those with constant consumption especially to the young generation, because everywhere you go now, you’ll see a small child that could barely spell his/her name grooving to these songs.

Our generations probably grew to almost 15 years before we were exposed to graphic sexual content, but things have changed; a 5-year-old is pretty aware. Which leaves me to wonder the kind of struggles such child will grow to go through.

If the little knowledge we had led to the daddy and mummy game we played back then as kids that caused a considerable measure of trouble, I can just imagine what game kids of today play.

Just 4 hours of exposure to such content awoke a desire in me, it does in everyone. Every content informs and affects us in a way or the other. How healthy are these uncensored content to our soul? Do we keep acting like they don’t do any harm? Are they too much to cut off totally from our menu?

It is funny how I hear people complain of addiction to masturbation and constantly falling into sexual sins but check their music playlist and their stumbling block is right there, in their eyes.

Somehow, right now, I hear the voice of Jesus saying the same old words, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve, your flesh which leads to sin or the Spirit which leads to godliness.

Run from anything that stimulates youthful lust. Follow anything that makes you want to do right.” – 2 Timothy 2:22 (NLT)

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Oludapo Tolulope

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