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Man with Tiny Paint RollerI woke up with a thought this morning. It loomed so large, stretching forth in different directions toward different possibilities; then it started to condense back to a single but complex line. I think it’s the conclusion that my subconscious latched onto having processed the things I’ve been going through. For how long did it process? I cannot even guess. It’s just really cool that looking within, I can find examples from my life (in this moment) that give voice to this clear thought:

Things happen for a reason before things happen for a reason

It seems philosophical and bursting with logical interpretations. I do not disagree. However, if you give it a second thought; there’s definitely a spiritual (or religious) undertone to it. I’m not really sure where my thoughts will lead as I write. Could be interesting, you just follow closely

Things happen for a reason has pretty much become a cliché in our world; it’s an unsaid mantra in the minds of many and on the lips of some. It’s a salve for the thinking man who is encountering a mild setback or challenge. The bigger the obstacles a man face, the smaller his faith, the less thinking he does and the quicker he finds a different (simpler) rationale for the trouble he faces. I also think it’s instinctive because we all know that “things” are beyond our control, it only makes sense to believe there’s a reason behind their happenings.

Deviation only comes in different people’s idea of what that reason is. Christians believe things happen for their good. This means that all things that happen will eventually set them up in a good place or with something good. For some others, the reason is simply the reason. There’s no thought of their connectedness to the things that happen around them or the foolish optimism that losing my wallet (with wads of cash in it) or the seemingly disintegrating economy of Nigeria- as being one more step towards an eventual good for me and for them. What contributes as eventual good is probably a thought yet un-nursed (a discourse for another post)

Putting aside my spiritual bent for a bit, I can still say that foolish optimism beats wise pessimism 100% of the time. Pessimism, I believe, takes too much from a person. It takes away hope. It takes away energy. It takes the future away. It’s amazing that a distortion of our world view can do so much damage. And the damaged are usually ignorant that they are. Let’s be clear on this front; my advice to you is, “Be Foolish

The concluding part of that thought (or quote) is just another branch on the same tree (or another tree in the same forest). It serves to reinforce. It also seeks to establish and make plain that there is an order to the things that happen. They fall into past, current and future. This order cannot be seen by our human eyes (or sensed) and we are limited in our ability to rearrange or even influence the flow of things. If we can somehow transcend our human-ness or the physical, then all things will become plain to us.

Do you see how it all links back to the spiritual (the religious)? It is God that oversees all things; creating, influencing and rearranging everything as He pleases. Things are complex because of the inherent free will in man to speak and act as he pleases. The relation of two men is not simple, consider then the relation of billions in our world. Regardless, God sees the order and assures us (assures you) that it will end for your good

I say again to you. Be Foolish!


Things (definition): Man-made events (emotional, financial, spiritual, economic or relational) or natural events (aka acts of God). I apologize for the overuse of “things”, I was aiming for the dramatic.

Written by;

Ifemide Aibinuomo


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