Beware of wailers. The fact that no place of work is perfect is nothing short of the truth. That is, there is barely an office or company that is devoid of one issue or challenge. It is just everywhere. Either your boss is too bossy, wicked or mean. It could also be that the pay is not commensurate with the work. The issue could be that there is no career growth (contract jobs for instance). The list is just endless.

Because of this, some employees have become wailers (consciousness or unconsciously). They complain about everything in their employers. With the tendency not to see anything good about the company. They go as far as even recruiting others into their wailing team. Such kind of people are capable of ruining the company as they enlist others including rookies. They poison the mind of fellow employers. They are mediocre and they want everybody to be like them.

When they see you working very hard, they discourage you: asking you why you are giving the company your best when they do not deserve it. They give you reasons to continue wailing. These are energy-drainers. They demotivate you. Once you spot or identify them, do not run away from them, rather you should flee.

However, while we may have little or no control over how our employers or bosses treat us, we could respond to it positively. Click To Tweet

Instead of continuous wailing, why not channel that energy into getting a better job or building capacity. This is why you should know your circle of influence and circle of concern as propounded by Stephen Covey. When you understand this, you will begin to pay little or no attention to things you cannot change, vice- versa.

Life is just too short for us to remain wailers. When we indulge in perpetual wailing, we drive away our creative potency to change the narrative. Click To Tweet

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