Business With A Purpose

Wow! Welcome to 2018 what a great time to be alive.
It is evident that every day is a new year and what makes the difference is what we have decided in our hearts to do to make the most of the time.
This year on, we will be exploring the subject of Business with the tagline Business with a purpose.
Stay tuned every first and third Monday of the month as we share with you the secrets of minding your business.
We will be talking about starting a business and running a business, branding, business planning and many more.
You know in business, you can’t afford to be complacent, there is another entrepreneur out there aiming for your share of the market. Therefore,
1. Connect with successful entrepreneurs and business owners.
2. Be intentional: do that research work now, ask questions now, Google is your best friend, in the end, what success do you want to achieve…write it down!
3. Define your purpose and be clear about it- What exactly do you want to do, what product or service do you want to provide, in what industry do you want to play in?
4. What makes you different- you’re not the first to think of that business you want to start so if you’re starting what are you bringing to the table?  how will it benefit you and your clients? So figure out what you do and find a way to describe it.
In the meantime, Write 12 things you want to achieve in your life and business this year 2018 you can link each goal to each month of the year.
We are taking that business to the next level this 2018
Deliberate actions, deliberate results!

Oluwadara Adekunle

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