kari jobe 1Fashion is like music. It influences our way of life, charisma, confidence and reputation; just to mention a few. Fashion stands out  with a statement. That statement can either be provocative, conservative, elegant, luxurious, or just outrightly offensive.
Hold on.
I am not writing with the intention of policing you into the “Dos and Don’ts”of Fashion. Apparently, that side of the fashion experience is very much obvious to all.
However, as Christians; and when I say Christians, I don’t mean by religion, I mean those whose every breath in each passing day yearns to be Christ-like,  having Jesus Christ at the Centre of their lives, plans and decisions (even the tiniest details) involves God. We have been given the mandate to be the “Light of the World” and the “Salt of the Earth”. So, tell me where the”salt” is, if he or she doesn’t repute such by reason of “excessiveness” in appearance. Tell me where the light is, if he or she makes another he or she to “stumble into darkness”.
With lots of “see-through-mess” and other wardrobe combinations which simply do not replicate the principle of decency upheld in the Bible. Highly fashionable Christians are stuck in the valley of decisions of what to wear and not what to wear as they try to catchup with the trends and be “in vogue”. This is because, if we don’t follow the trend and stay afloat with what’s new, we are practically “left out”. Why? Does it mean we don’t have fellow Christian role models by whom we could design, tailor and fashion our wardrobe after? Well… The answer to that is No.
2At lifegiva.com, we are pleased, inspired and privileged to address the pros and cons of the influence of fashion trends on Christians. By so doing, we would “stalk” and bring to the spotlight Christian Celebrities that are premium role models in “dressing up”.
kari jobe 3Kari Jobe, a Christian Music Artiste with two Dove Awards, who is also a Worship Pastor at Gateway Church, loves to “dress-up”- And most importantly, she loves boots!
Kari’s style is mostly conservative and sometimes vintage. On a personal note, I love how she puts pieces together and make them somehow blend and fashion in with her boots… or wedges in somecases. It’s important to note that Kari dresses per occasion (album shoot, tour, concerts,award nights e.t.c.). However, her style is distinctive in the sense that you can easily spot out her “loves” (tights, boots, panty-hose, black-on-black). All in all, it’s obvious Kari’s never out of trend!
kari jobe 4
Thanks for reading, I’m sure you have taken note of a thing or two to add to your style or wardrobe  😀

See you next week with another Christian fashion icon 😉

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