The devil’s influence on our culture through music is no news to the 21st century Christian- many young men have lost their sense of respect for the feminine gender and for their elders, through music that does not edify. Many young ladies have through songs been taught that maturity is equal to their varying levels of sexual engagement. Consequently, those who by God choose to follow a path of sexual purity have been abused and sometimes are curled into a ball of depression till they themselves begin to dance to the ‘ibadi’ lifestyle that these songs teach.
Truth is… You can complain all you want. You can hide television  from your children or turn on parental control. You can cease their devices but those methods will never be effective enough. You don’t stop yourself from seeing darkness by closing your eyes. To fight darkness, turn on the light.
 There are many of US who have incredible excellence in ourselves when it comes to creating music. Trust me when I say ‘‘we are many”. WE ARE THE LIGHT God has placed on earth to fight this darkness.
WE ARE THE LIGHT, minor-ly because of our talents but MAJORLY because OUR LORD JESUS has created new hearts in US and IS BY HIS SPIRIT, renewing our minds. This RENEWED MIND is what guides our lyrics formation even as our ever growing talent guides the musical pattern. WE DON’T JUST WRITE GOOD MUSIC. WE WRITE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS TO THE WORLD.
1. Find US!
Fill your song library with our songs. WE create them for you. For Your sake. FOR You to war with! We picture the blessings they would bring you as we create or many times receive this pieces from God Himself.
2. Boast in US!
Let our status updates and tweets reach 1 million! BE the HILL. Let our CITY be seen! BE the LAMP STAND, let OUR LIGHTS shine! We can only by God, put the drop. You can create the ripple effect by your decision to like + share + comment and do the process all over again till the whole world hears.
We have many songs that will effectively war with and swallow up the darkness. We are not jobless and foolish because we sit in quiet places with guitars and notepads swinging back and front trusting God for words or presenting words to God for approval.
We are not Here for the sake of fame and money. We don’t mind if we never taste fame or money but we want to because we have calculated how effective it will cause us to be. Support us with encouragements, your social media pages and your physical cash. Excellence has a cost. If you mock our quality, its because you haven’t realized that you might be the cause.
WE, because of you, will be putting on our LIGHTS to EXTINGUISH the darkness *smiles*
Keep Supporting
Jo Deep

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