Dear Son – Life and its deceitful trick of selfishness


Man reading bookGood day son,
I am grateful to God I have another chance to write you this  letter because we never know how tomorrow would be or if today is going to be our last day so need to be grateful for every little time God allows his breath remain in us.
My son the reason for this letter is of great essence that if you do not understand this concept of life you might find yourself regretting your existence: When I was small I had big dreams of doing great things and when I talk about doing great things am not talking about acquiring all the wealth of the world but living my life for others and doing good works, I so much cherished this that I found myself continually sharing in the pains of other people, I would give my resources and my time to elevate people and put joy on their face at my own expense and in giving them joy I found my Joy but something changed.
As I went through the hardness that life threw at me, I found myself trying to help myself and save myself from a lot of hardness and difficult time that the life of others unconsciously did not matter to me. I heard people in pain and turned my face justifying my actions by claiming everyone has where he or she hurts: but my son I beg of you today never let life make you self-centred, we were created to do Good works.

Living is giving my son, find a purpose bigger than you and you would find fulfilment.

My son you might forget what I am telling you now but when you find yourself in selfishness let this letter be your helping manual.
I love you very much and want to see you fulfilled.

* * *

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