Man wearing paper bag with crying eyes drawn, standing in winter sceneryHey Champ,
This is a continuation of the last letter (HERE) I sent as I see it fit to write you concerning all facets of life.
Son, some situations defy logic and you cannot even explain how things change so fast or how your assured expectations become a long trend of disappointments.
We see life as a straight road but life is more of mountain moments, valley experiences and cross road decisions; but when these things happen to you, do not give up. Keep pushing yourself and you will observe that it’s not the end in itself that truly matters – but that through the pain and disappointment, you will become a better man.
It is important for you to also note that when you begin to experience these pains and struggle in life, it might seem easier to cope with, having read it in my letter. I am sure reading it will fuel in some form of expectancy. However, the reality of it will be more than your expectation.
Still, Son, find comfort knowing that the great and mature men walked the same paths you are getting ready to walk or have started to walk in.
You are in Good Company.

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