Dear Son, You Better Read This!!!


Father and Sons Sitting on Lakeside Pier --- Image by © David P. Hall
Hello, Champ!
If you are reading this, it’s either I am still alive or I am done with my assignment on earth. Either ways, it is important you to have these letters. I really don’t know how old you might be when you start reading this but if you are still in your youth or about to proceed into it then my letter came early.
My son, life at this age sometimes feels good and other times, life seems terrible. At a point in time, you will lose sight of who you are or where you are going and you might want to give up on life but then, this is the beauty of your youth, At times, you might never know what you want at a particular point in time; but it is important you know what you don’t want as this will guide you in your quest to adulthood.
At this point I want to say so many things but I will take my time to address some issues one after the other.
Son, grow up. Be a man. Embrace manhood. At this age, you need to know that manhood is a great gift from God and you have to learn it. You have to learn to put others before you and to treat a woman with great respect, bearing in mind that she is always going to be the weaker vessel.
Son, at this age, please enjoy the gift of singleness and truly know and understand what qualities you desire in a woman.  Son, if you find a woman that can be a mother and also your wife at the same time, with great financial skills, treasure her. You need such a pillar to build a home.
Lastly, son, I want you to make use of the strength you have now. You won’t always be this strong, especially in a couple of years’ time. Remember, the strength of man grows weaker with time. Therefore work hard now and never be slothful.
I look forward to writing to you again.

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Post Image by © David P. Hall

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