How physically (sexually) involved should dating/courting partners be? I know this is a very out-of-the-season question in this 21st century where the question has become whether to sleep with him on your first date or not or after how many months of dating should you move in to start living with him, where all other “wifely duties” follows.

Don’t look at me like one “emotional dead guy”, I’m in a relationship and sometimes craves for my boo’s body, but a fruit eaten before it gets ripe can really disturb your stomach or keep you bedridden for days. It might destroy your taste buds and thus prevent you forever enjoying the taste of another or even lead to death in the case of poisoning that is not checked early. ˚Ok° enough of all these parables. All I’m saying is, that it’s now a norm does not make it right.

I have had issues with the rate at which today’s marriages end before they even start. A statistics done 11 years back in the United State stated that 1 out of every 2 first marriages ends in a divorce, I am pretty sure that rate must have increased in this year 2018. Especially with movies like “I give it a year“, telling you to bail out once it’s not what you expected or wanted. My anger on that will be in another post. But all this is an indication that we are obviously doing something wrong.

Could it be our “pre-marital sexual involvement”? Kindly share your sincere opinion on this.

How far can/should you go with your boyfriend, what to you is “permissible” or “a no-go-area“.

Now the floor is open, let the discussion begin. (Feel free to post as anonymous 😉 )

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