YOUR FEET: It's soul and It's needs


your feet 1I bet you’ve never known what a feet doctor is called? Lol! I’ll let you know somewhere in between this post ?.
Last time we talked, we discussed some issues that happen Inside Your Designer Shoes and today, it’s time to learn more about the feet.
Every part of your body has its own soul and your feet is not exempted. There’s been scientific evidence that keeping your feet clean helps the mind and the Jewish people have a practice of washing their feet before praying or sleeping.
With these in mind, let’s discuss Your Feet, it’s Soul and it’s Needs. Here’s my take on  how best to take care of the guys down there and make them happy:

  • Decide to wash your feet in the shower (especially between your toes!), even if it means that you bend.
  • If you like to soak your feet (which I think you should, because it’s therapeutic to me ?), epsom salts may be far fetched, so just soak your feet in warm (never hot!) water alongside a mild body wash with skin softener.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and moisturize! especially when your feet are dry (trust me, once you pay attention, you’ll know)
  • Trim your nails regularly, straight and not too low.
  • Keep your feet warm and exercise to improve circulation of blood.

Exercise for Happy Feet:

  • Circle your feet 10 times in each direction and try to keep your legs still.
  • Consciously straighten your toes and then wiggle them.
  • Raise, point, curl your toes for 5 seconds each,  repeated 10 times (this is good for toe cramps and hammer toes)

About the Shoe Matter
I think it’s important to note here that contrary to popular opinion, your feet doesn’t stay the same forever. It grows too (huh?? yeah!?) and that’s why it’s not completely healthy that you rely on shoe sizes; use the following tips to determine if that next shoe is best fit for your designer feet:

  • Make sure there’s half inch (1cm) of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Check to see there’s enough space for toes to have fun wiggling.
  • Ensure the width accommodates your whole foot with no pressure at the joint of the sides of your foot.
  • For the best comfort, ensure your foot doesn’t slip at the back end of the shoe.

It’s not such a popular idea and I don’t even know of any podiatrist (now that’s who a foot doctor is ?) in Nigeria but these tips if followed can prevent many,  if not all of the foot palavas you encounter. Most important points to pick from this post are these:

  • Take care of your walking tools with the care tips above.
  • Buy your own shoe (it may be your dream shoe, but of its not your size, then it’s for someone else)
  • Exercise your feet regularly.Get proper socks.


Remember your feet take you everywhere you go, so why not take care of natural motor the right way. I hope to hear from you ; questions and comments alike.

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See ya next Monday! 😉

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Destiny Dena.

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  1. Hahahaha! Now I have e-shoes with the internet…….

    1. Lol! Okenwa, just make sure you get your size and you’re slipping designer feet into them ?

  2. […] YOUR FEET: It’s soul and It’s needs […]

  3. […] YOUR FEET: It’s soul and It’s needs […]

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