Waiting with 9 other virgins in this room
I’m tired already, won’t the bridegroom
Come already?
I’m checking my wristwatch, time is 20:16
Well it has to PM, Prime Minister of the gospel?
But hey, when will he come? I ask myself
Gisting with other brides, some seem to be sure and can wait forever
But my lamp, it seems like its getting dimmer. Wait I need some more oil!
Gasp! Fortunately I’m not alone, there are 4 others with me.
We were like “Let’s hurry, our husband will soon be back!”
Then the journey to earning our righteousness begun
Searching for this oil everywhere
Marketers seemed to have gone to bed
Looked like our only option was to beg
Begging begun! That was the beginning of sinning
Thinking that there was no need to believe in the reason we were waiting
So we are hasting, it feels like time is wasting
We managed to get some oil
Oil that signified our righteousness
Some of it poured, and we used our filthy rags to clean it
I guess it’s time to head back, I said
We all agreed, now we were running.
Running so fast, I didn’t see this obstacle so I tripped and fell and I woke up.
It was all a dream *phew*
Thank God it was all a dream
The bridegroom had actually returned
But hear this!
The oil we needed was Him
We went in search for oil meanwhile He paid the price for it, all we needed to do was collect the CHANGE.
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