Gambling! Yes, gambling. Poker, Lottery, Sahara bet or whatever you call it. You know, I’ve never understood what gambling exactly is, not like I’ve tried it anyway. I love fun, I love spontaneity, I love risks, I love the unexpected. All these make life fun. But gambling!! No!! It’s just too much of a risk. Not even a smart risk. It’s like promising you’ll swim across the Atlantic without getting wet because you rubbed yourself with a magic lotion. Who cares?

You wish to win where you didn’t sow, hoping the other party bites the dust. You dummy!! Don’t you think he wishes the very same for you? I believe there is dignity in work. Work is honourable. There is nothing more rewarding than being fed from your own sweat. By sweat, I do not mean hard labour or struggle; I mean your mental, intellectual or physical investment.

A proverb goes thus:

No Bee, no honey,
No work, no money.

Why do you think you can go against the basic law of nature and go unhurt.

I know this post doesn’t look like me, me questioning the norm and defying the usual. However, if you dream of building worth in the class of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Aliko Dangote by guessing your way up, you might wanna consider climbing to the sky with a one-legged ladder. If not, then wake up!!!

Work is the other leg of this ladder. Wishing and working are like the two blades of a pair of scissors. One is useless without the other. Take this write-up as a wake-up call. Before you throw another pearl to the pig expecting the pig to be worth a horse, you might wanna ask for my account number. Wake up!!!

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