“Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox” Prov.14:4.

Who cares for a clean house when one can get a fat profit? Let the oxen gather cause there’s work to be done.

Except if we do not require commensurate income, we would have to get our hands dirty – and I don’t mean in negative, self-effacing things, I mean, we would have to tolerate mess (people’s attitudes, temperaments etc.) on our way to producing any desired result.

Oxen here can be likened to people. Our cribs would remain spotless, our minds would remain blank, our bank accounts would remain slim, our sphere of influence would remain the same, nothing significant could happen except we involve people. Well! Simply because MUCH INCREASE is only by the strength of those you co-labor with.

Isn’t that one of the reasons why long-suffering happens to be one of the fruit of the Spirit? You can’t divorce your wife just because she snores; remember, your strength is because you’ve become one with her; you can’t drop out of school just because you seem not to be making a headway, part of your strength lies in those who invest tirelessly (in knowledge and in paying your fees), you can’t just give up on God after all your labor; your strength actually lies in Him. What branch survives after being cut-off from its source?

P.S: So, if you think there’s a mess, it’s because someone is working; if you think there’s a mess, then there is indeed a sign of life (no dead thing makes a mess). You just have to learn how to package the mess well after the deed has been done. After all, everyone makes a mess of something, but tidying up makes a huge difference.

BTW, if an Ox’s dung could be useful as agricultural fertiliser, how much more human mess (I don’t mean literal pupu. Lol!)

Taiwo Egbanubi

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