Healthy Eating; Microwave Sins


Many of us don’t know how many times we commit sins against our bodies. It’s not just about some kind of fornication and all that sort, many (me included!) commit sins against our bodies almost every time we eat.

The microwave oven is a life saver when it comes to time but can be a killer if used wrongly.
Some of my failed attempts: 
I walked over to the microwave in my kitchen, excited about the next meal that would calm my mass congregational choir singing In my belly, but……..Yuck! My eggs came out bleh! ?

Exactly how I felt about my eggs.

Exactly how I felt about my eggs.

One of the first times  I used a microwave, I almost burnt down the house because I was reheating in a metallic plate (? yeah…. I know!). How dumb I felt.
The thing is most times we end up eating dehydrated and nutrient-killed meals simply because we don’t know how to handle them properly.

Some Microwave Facts:
  • Not all kinds of foods are at their best when microwaved. Foods like eggs, fruits, hot peppers
  • Some kinds of containers should never get into the microwave. Containers like plates with metallic rims, Styrofoam (the foamy kind of food packs), aluminium foils, travel mugs, any kind of paper and even some plastics.
  • There’s no food or container called ‘NOTHING’, so your microwave oven should never be left on while empty because there would be nothing to absorb the currents and it could end up exploding.
  • Foods in the mic oven should be covered. Never ever microwave foods uncovered.

The side effects of eating microwaved foods on the health are enormous and worth paying attention to.
One striking fact about the health implications is that  it can make you stupid……..literally, figuratively and in every sense of being less intelligent. This is because the continuous use of microwaved food over time can be a cause of brain damage as it shortens the electrical impulse produced from the brain, causing lack of concentration, decrease in intelligence, emotional instability and loss of memory.

Other Important conscious notes to take are those that occur when you microwave meals without covering them:
  • The minerals present in the vegetables are changed into cancerous radicals when they are cooked in the microwave oven.
  • The microwaved food causes the production of cancerous tumors in the human stomach and intestines.
  • The nutrients, minerals and vitamins present in the food are altered into harmful substances that the human body can neither breakdown nor absorb.
  • The food gets tasteless (just like my bleh! eggs we talked about) and loses its nutritious vitality when reheated in the microwave oven.

At the end of the day, it might just pay to use the conventional heating methods with our foods. Using a microwave is not bad on all counts and they can be used well enough to avoid many side effects. Learn to use them well and stop sinning against your body.

See ya next time!

* * *

Destiny Dena.

* * *

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  1. Wow!!! That’s all!!!
    My sin… ……not covering food in the microwave oven.. …..
    …..Aarrgghh… I feel so stupid right now.. …

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