Per chance you have not heard, mosquitoes are true vampires. No really, I’m serious. They bite you, suck your blood and the pain only comes after they’re done. And perhaps you’re not convinced that they’re really vampires, here are some other proofs that they are spawn of Dracula;

  1. They have 47 teeth. Yes, mosquitoes have 47 teeth. I don’t know why an animal will be having 47 teeth, when you’re not a monster.
  2. Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals alive. Not the anaconda or tiger, a mosquito. More humans have died due to a mosquito bite than because of any other animal attack.
  3. Mosquitoes detect carbon dioxide from 75 feet away. Carbon dioxide, which humans and other animals release, is the primary means by which mosquitoes find their next meal. That and they can also identify the lactic acid from our sweat.
  4. Mosquitoes often prefer to bite bigger people because they release more carbon dioxide and sweat more. Osheyy!! #TeamSkinny
  5. Like a vampire bat, when a mosquito bites it releases an anticoagulant to keep the blood flowing. We usually itch our mosquito bites as a result of the anticoagulant saliva.
  6. Mosquitoes have poor eyesight but can detect heat from living creatures. So within 30 feet of a human, they are like a heat seeking missile. Thanks to their heat vision, not only can they find you with precision but even in the dark.
  7. According to an interesting study, mosquitoes are more active during a full moon by a whopping 500%. I can’t even laugh. Full moon ke?

Scared yet? Before you start pleading the blood of Jesus needlessly, here are a few ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting you and perhaps they’ve bitten you stop yourself from turning into one (I’m kidding, or am I?).

  1. Interestingly the smell of chocolate can stun mosquitoes from sensing carbon dioxide you know making it difficult to locate you. So yeah eat loads of chocolate, bathe in it if you must. Stay safe and smell delicious.
  2. Basil leaves not only act as a mosquito repellent but can give relief to a mosquito bite when applied. Also, they have a pleasant smell.
  3. Lemongrass tea – Apparently, mosquitoes don’t like the smell of lemons, so yeah drink a lot of lemon, lemongrass tea. Lemongrass contains antioxidants so the used tea bags can be applied to the bites bringing relief from itching.
  4. Aloe Vera – Apparently aloe vera is the gbogbonise (all purpose) of skin care. Applying aloe vera to a mosquito bite is soothing and stops the itching.
  5. Toothpaste – Okay, this one worked for me. You know when your bites are so itchy you put just anything on them, well this glorious day I tried toothpaste and it worked! I think maybe it was the menthol it contained but after it dried the itching stopped.
  6. Take an allergy pill – I know this seems like using a gun to kill a mosquito but it works. An itchy bite is really just an allergic reaction to mosquito saliva. Taking an allergy pill can help give you relief and keep you from scratching till the bite heals.
  7. Try a salt paste – Mix some salt with a little water to make a paste and apply it to your bites. It will sting at first but it gets better from then.

If none of these work for you, you can go ahead and plead the blood of Jesus. *grins*

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