Questionnaire: Is It Wrong To Have The Opposite Sex As A Best Friend And What Are The Risks Involved?



Is it wrong for a lady to have a guy as her best friend and what are the risks involved?


No it is not bad for a Lady to have a guy as her best friend if the following is considered:

  1. As long as the best friend is not another girl’s man or husband.
  2. She isn’t in a relationship and having a best friend outside her guy
  3. As long as the best friend is her Man/Guy

If you’re single and you claim a guy as your best friend and he enters a relationship tomorrow, please note the “best friending” contract is over. Same with if you are entering a relationship with another guy.

Who is a best friend?

Someone you share everything with about your life [if you’re not married minus sex] and you seek or sometimes take their opinion before taking a decision.

Having said these things, that is why it is better to not have any best friend until you are married. But if you choose to stay single, I would advise that you don’t give a best friend title to a guy that may not end up with you.


  • Sometimes there are attachments that just may spring up. To avoid strife, unnecessary envy etc, It is great if your Best friend is your man.
  • Even if you and the guy honestly don’t have any attachment, the girl friend or your guy may not see it that way. So do you get? You want to avoid the whole suspicion series.

So having a Guy Best friend?

Not bad. But with the risks and possible misunderstanding involved, just maintaining close friendship with a guy will be perfect.


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