I admit that often in the past I have had doubts come into my mind, but I had always been able to deal with them with the word of God.

That being said, I had one of the worse doubting episodes ever quite recently. I stumbled across a thread on Twitter. A guy (I won’t drop his handle) was asking questions about premarital sex.

Now I know that it isn’t wrong to want answers to questions you have, but there is always a way to go about getting these answers. You could pray, ask someone who is much more matured in the Christian faith, or even just study the word.

I’m sure he didn’t intend to, but he made it seem like God was this almighty jailer that put us on lockdown and forced his will on us. He kept questioning the existence of God and asking why we couldn’t have premarital sex as far as it was protected. He asked that if protected sex does not hurt anybody, why couldn’t we just go ahead and do it?.

I am absolutely not judging the guy because I have asked these questions as well. When I even saw the thread, I could relate to some of his questions and then I began to think on them, and doubt slowly started to creep in.

After going through the thread, I began to read the replies, and all I could say was WOW!! People are rude, and so quick to hurl insults and threats at others.

What even made my doubt stronger was the fact that people who were supposed to be Christians, and should have provided answers, just kept on bashing the guy.

Replies like –

 “Guy, it’s like you want to go to hell, and you’re looking for people to take with you”

“What nonsense is this?. You better ask God for forgiveness from your stupidity”

“This guy has a second degree?, I think not”

“You are heading straight for hell fire where you will burn along with everyone else who asks questions like these”

The amazing part was that none of the self-righteous people who were threatening and insulting the guy gave a proper answer to any of his questions. All they did was curse, curse, and curse even more. The guy retweeted most of the insultive replies, and started asking if Christians were to behave in that manner. What a shame!

Fortunately, they were some people who did advise him to talk with his pastor, or with a much more matured Christian, and hopefully, he took their advice.


From all these, the point I am trying to arrive at is that you never know what the result of that seemingly ‘innocent’ tweet you post as a reply will be.

From my rant above, you clearly see that the replies to the user’s questions what was increased my doubt. I scrolled through the replies on purpose just to see if I would get a sound reply to those questions that I had as well. But, nope!!, I was met with insults and curses.

I urge us as born again, Christ-like, life-giving children of God to be very careful before making some moves. We are supposed to spread the gospel to others, to bring people to Christ via our actions. But if we keep hurling insults at others, how do we hope to accomplish what God has commanded us?

I know that you might ignore things like that because you think it’s none of your business, or that the person being replied to might take no heed to your response.

But what about others like me?. People who are looking for answers to questions. People who scroll through your replies in hopes of getting help. People who believe that something good can come from the community of Christian believers.

Finally, let us all consciously work towards helping, and uplifting other Christians. Let all your actions be edifying to the kingdom of God.

I hope this post has been able to open our eyes to the importance of watching what we put up online.

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