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Have you ever been in a place, filled with a lot of people that you know and still you feel like you are alone in the hall?

Hearing a lot of noise but you can figure out when a pin from your bag drops?

Having many friends but still feel like you are alone on earth?

Having a lot of hangouts, fleek friends party, social meet up, celeb meet up but you still come back home and feel like the fun was just for the moment and the memories do not seem interesting anymore playing them in your heart?

When you are on all social media platforms you can think of..

But you are still lonely and quietly vexing about life.

You have a feeling you can’t explain to anyone.
You wish someone could get into your head to get how you feel out and explain to more people because you need help.

But because this is literally impossible,
You live like a happy fellow.
But you know howfar.
You know what’s happening in you.

But you decide to live on pretense
Enjoying happenings
Pushing realities

The earlier we know that a void part of our lives cannot be filled by anything except a relationship with God, the better.

You are never alone when you have God, He never leaves your side ??

And even when you know you have him.

Heyyyy enjoy him to the fullest darling.
He’s your everything
No one can fill your life totally.
Stop expecting so much from people.

Ifeyinwa Amagwula.

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