Mainstream Media Propaganda – The Battle for Truth


 I read a very disturbing article this morning, but I wasn’t really surprised about the details embedded within. It has been obvious for decades now, the subliminal messages have just become more conspicuous.

The article spoke about the plan to make Jesus Christ a super hero in a new D.C comic series, scheduled to be released by March.

The plot of the story undermines the deity of Christ and rather portrays him as a failure. Such a comic and depiction of Christ, is a direct attack on one of the fundamental teachings of the church: ‘the deity of Christ’.

The words of Paul centuries ago come to mind, we are actually at war (2 Corinthians 10:4-6). The battle against the truth did not start today and the weapons have not changed.

I learnt that there is a petition against the release of these comic series, but signing a petition is not enough, there is actually more that can be done.

Below are some other things we can do to fight back the onslaught against our like precious faith. 

– We must be Louder 

These are not times for believers to be passive, we must speak up. We know the truth and we are the custodians of it, so we must not be quiet.

We must preach the gospel relentlessly, unashamedly and without fear. Click To Tweet

For as the saying goes ‘evil thrives when good men do nothing’. We must be intentional about calling out falsehood, but also be purposeful about spreading the truth. We must use every platform we get access to, books, music, movies, social media…. All men must hear the truth and they must hear it through us. This brings me to my second point. 

– Sponsor the Message 

One thing the peddlers of falsehood in mainstream media have at their disposal is money. With appropriate funding, even the most hideous of lies can be packaged excellently for large scale consumption.

In this regard, Christians must become deliberate, if you come across individuals who intend to spread the truth through their movies, songs, books, blogs e. t. c, offer your support.

There are those who have dedicated their lives to the mission fields, we must at this time, give them all the support we can muster. There is so much that can be done and conceived when the resources are available. 

We must at this time give those who have dedicated their lives to the mission of spreading the truth about Jesus Christ all the support we can muster. Click To Tweet

This is a call for you to make enquiries, to the best of your ability, sponsor a cause that is set on spreading the truth. We can be sure that as believers our victory is sure.

Hope this inspires you, let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Yes…it does. God bless you for being very practical and direct and tackling everyday issues, was surprised to see this so soon.
    This is apt.

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