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geneticsCome 11th of June, 2016 by 4pm, “The Excision” which is the 2nd edition of the highly anticipated “Rhyme and Reason” concert will take place at the Dome, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki, Lagos. In anticipation for that day, our International Spoken Word artistes are warming up and telling us their expectations. Here is Janette..ikz telling us about herself and how she’s looking forward to June 11th.

Janette…ikz is so many things and one is that she’s super ecstatic to be adopted into the family of Christ.  She does a lot of different things; she laughs a lot, does music and poetry, dances and teaches dance and theatre. She loves hanging out with her family or just sitting with her husband and chilling. Sometimes just having good people around her is enough or being quiet and playing her instrument.

Most times people wonder the origin of the unusual name. In her interview, Janette…ikz explains that the name first came from starting out as a rapper with some cousins and they gave her the name Mysterious. Most people don’t know the name is Mysterious Janette…ikz. Mysterious because there were so many things she should have been dead for; falling backwards out of windows and injuring herself through different sports and stuff like that and it was just mysterious how God always spared her. We know that He is a mysterious God.

janetteJanette..ikz was because it was a derivative of  her name and it’s also because her family is involved in arts. They are singers, dancers, actors, so everything was passed down to her. The name together ‘Mysterious Janette…ikz’ speaks to how when we are grafted in, when we actually accept Christ, He rewrites our DNA and His blood makes our filthy and nasty blood become righteous because of what Christ has accomplished. So her genes and genetic makeup is very Mysterious because of what Christ has done. She makes us want to start calling ourselves Mysterious too!

This is a rebuttable presumption but I have a feeling Janette..ikz has a bit of Nigerian blood in her. How else would you explain her immense love for our jollof rice at the last edition of Rhyme and Reason? “lt felt like I was at home. They hooked me up with jollof rice and gifts and an amazing time. My favorite thing about Nigeria is the people. Nigerians are just such passionate people. It doesn’t matter if they are speaking to you or if they are mad at you, they are just such passionate people and so it was an amazing experience.”

jenette ikzTo her, the last Rhyme and Reason was amazing given the fact that it is hard to deal with people who are not organized and when an event is really organized what makes it really dope is that it allows the artiste to just breathe and do their art without being concerned if this is gonna be right or is that gonna be right because all of that will be taken care of.

The best part about the Rhyme and Reason Concert is that we’re not only bringing our best International Spoken Word artistes to you, we’re also bringing Nigeria to them. Janette…ikz shows off her budding Pidgin English vocabulary Hey Naija how you dey? I dey oo. I just want you all to know that I love you all, this is mysterious Janette…ikz and I cannot wait to come to Nigeria, you know I’m Naija at heart”

janette ikz 3For those who know what they love but are too afraid to pursue that passion, here’s a piece of advice from Janette…ikz: You know fear is not of God; it can hold you back from pursuing your passions. The thing that helps her move forward is that the passions she has are biblical. They are not self motivated like ‘let me just do my own thing’. Because she believes that she’s in the will of God it makes it much easier to pursue the passion because she’s not going with her own strength and she knows that the Lord is with her. When you have confidence, you don’t have to worry about your own fears because you are doing it in the Lords will.

But she does think that there is a healthy fear we should have, especially for those who are poets, ministers and whatever the case may be because you are proclaiming to speak on behalf of the voice of God. She thinks that we should have a healthy fear of God if we are gonna say that we represent Him because one day we all will be judged by every word that came out of our mouths and that is something that we should really think about. Just have a healthy fear of God and also not be scared to pursue your passions and as long as you make sure the passions are what God desires of you and not what you desire of yourself.

In anticipation for this year’s concert on June 11th at The Dome, Lekki, Janette…ikz lets us know that she’s coming to prayerfully convict by way of the Holy Spirit. She’s coming to share the truth; she’s coming to love on y’all and be loved on.  That’s what’s up!


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