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I don’t think ‘tis a sin to listen to secular music, I don’t think it’s right to subject Christians to only music that talk about God or explicitly mentions God, Jesus and other biblical terms, neither do I think that any song that isn’t sung by a Christian or Christian artiste is wrong to be listened to.

But at the same time, any true Christian that holds onto God’s word as the final seal over his/her life and actions will be extra cautious of the songs he/she listens to just like everyone will be cautious of things they do, watch, eat, friends…

The above statement I believe has made it too crystal clear that as much as Christians shouldn’t be subject to a specific genre of song, they can’t also listen to every released songs.

Why you might wanna ask? Here are the things I have against secular songs.

I guess for context sake, I should define what I mean by secular songs.

Secular songs are songs devoid of the message of the gospel (The good news of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom available to us now).

  1. It takes the time and space to listen to what can really influence, impact positively or make reasonable contributions.

One of the most common reasons a lot of people (including myself) give for listening to secular songs is for the entertainment. We like the beats, the artist’s artistry, every other thing about the song but the lyrics (Sometimes we like the lyrics too if we are honest; It’s just gbedu now! Abi? ??). Most a times though, we do not find the lyrics edifying but it doesn’t change the fact that the beat is just too good to say no, at least that’s what we think.

But what does it actually do? It takes the place of the music that might truly edify.

The fact is, you can’t listen to two songs at the same time. Its either one or the other. My concern here is this; if songs carry power and influence, if it can condition our mood, decide our thoughts and influence our actions, then shouldn’t we at least settle for a song which can both be entertaining and edifying at the same time, thereby increasing our knowledge of God’s word, and/or inclining our heart to God at that period of listening to it.

This leads to my next point,

  1. Music has power.

Music is a very powerful tool. It has been argued many times whether or not there are supernatural spirits attached to every music, the type of spirit; good or bad is determined by the artist, being gospel or secular.

Let us allow God’s word to teach and throw more light on this for us.

In 1 Samuel 16:14-23, it was said that every time a demonic and distressing spirit came on King Saul, he will summon David, a skillful player of the harp, and as he played, the influence of the demonic spirit will leave the king. This portion of the scripture is very self explanatory. What do you think, is there more power beyond the ordinary when a music or song is produced? I think so.

Asides this instance, some of us have heard of instances where someone goes to commit suicide or murder after listening to a song.

If we are honest also, we will attest to the fact that there are some songs that initiate certain actions or mood, there is a song for the club, there are songs you play when you wanna attempt to get your girlfriend laid, you don’t play “God is Good” by Don Moen ???.

Let me conclude with this ; “Even though listening to secular songs (not in the gospel genre) might not be a sin, if you are mindful of guarding your heart diligently from the things that might defile you and if you are mindful of living a life worthy of the Lord, you will be super cautious about your choice of music, and your choice of every other thing, friends, movies, job.

 If you sow to please your own wrong desires, you will surely reap a harvest of spiritual decay and death; but if you plant the good things of the Spirit, you will reap the everlasting life that the Holy Spirit gives – Gal 6:8

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  1. I think it should be included that if u know listening to secular music would make ur brother fall u should not do it… In relation to d address Paul gave In one of his letters… what if u can control yourself but ur brother can’t?

  2. I think it should be included that if u know listening to secular music would make ur brother fall u should not do it… In relation to d address Paul gave In one of his letters… what if u can control yourself but ur brother can’t?

  3. This will remain a debate for as long as there are Christians. Personally, I listen to SOME secular songs, but I don’t go about telling people. I don’t sing most of them…especially because of the vulgar lyrics. Gospel music remains my number one, especially because I need to keep my spirit continually edified. Nice write up. Let’s keep our hearts guarded. Not all things are expedient, though

  4. Kindly check out Ephesians 5:19 please. Thank you.

  5. Secular music is not wrong, secular music is also not a sin. What it does to your spirit at that point in time is where the problems lies. Personally, i love music, i love instruments, i love beats, so there is a lot i analyse when listening to a song.
    I recently came across this Rhianna’s “work” and damn, some amazing beats right there. But do you know I feel when i listen to that song; i just don’t feel like loving God at that point in time, It does nothing good to my spirit. So even though, nobody will beat me up for listening to these songs, they add no profit to me at all.
    Cobhams on the other hand is not a gospel singer but i always listen to his songs. They lift my spirit, the gear me up, they make me want to go out there and achieve something and that is what is important.
    Bless you!

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