Just like a cotton cloth that protect my pores from the shivering weather,

I put you on right now


You’re the shining light so I put you on right now!

Alone I’m just a noun but with you, WE become a pronoun

You are the word that needs to be PRONOUNced

But we pride yourself in them designer clothing

That cannot light us up when the world’s light has failed.

Power supply has been epileptic.

We then get tricked to need backup from our generator.

But each time we try to use it, it becomes an elecTRICK shock

Why double the stress?

You see! I have this clothing that covers me day and night.

It protects me from the scorching of the sun so I won’t be smitten

It covers me and lives in me,

I begin to act like you but people say I’m impersonating.

They don’t get it, even Paul said imitate Christ

We are transparent remember. And it is only what we put inside of us that shines out.

If imitation is all it takes to have a shining life. Count me in

Count me in, counter sin! The light came in, a manger was his inn.

So you want to keep yourself for marriage but you keep falling. You love the truth but you keep lying

That’s what happens when you believe the wrong manager of your Inn

The wrong manager of your inn, your INNer man be suffering, on the last days, our wedding, you might just miss the ring ?……

And we don’t want you to, hence the reason why we wrote this.

Ifeyinwa and Okenwa, broken Vessels God is writing his book of faith helping you determine your fate!

Not perfect, yet trusting HE who has made us perfect,

making sure we have the right plugs to connect with this everlasting light that shines from within to show us the way on our paths, to cloth us from our nakedness.

Join us today

nei kid –

  1. (adj.) can be defined, in this case as a young child who is not putting on clothing. 
  2. Children born into disobedience unaware that Jesus has saved them a long time ago but since He’s the beginning and the end, it still applies today!
  3. It can be pronounced as naked.

This is a collaborative piece of writing written by Ifeyinwa Amagwula and Okenwa Igbokwe. You can read Ifeyinwa’s recent post here and Okenwa’s here

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