How To Overcome The Need For Acceptance


One thing I’ve come to learn and realize is that thoughts become reality. Therefore whatever one thinks about will eventually become tangible, For Example, if a person thinks- “Oh, I don’t have what it takes to get good grades”, eventually the person ends up having bad grades because he or she thought it and it grew to become reality.

Now, this is where I am going. The world is diverse; we have different beliefs, opinions and interests. These differences more often than not, bring about rivalry as some people tend to want every other person to accept them and their views.  As such, it is necessary to know that not everyone can accept you. One thing is important and it is that you accept yourself and the way you see yourself.  

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As I said earlier thoughts become reality, so you have to learn to accept yourself first in your mind before other people can start to accept you. By accepting yourself first and embracing who you are, you don’t deal with the need for acceptance because who you are is enough for you and hence,  the need to be accepted by others dies.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that it’s wrong for people to accept you, but that acceptance has to begin with yourself, because when you are not enough for you,  nothing else will be. Accept yourself first then the world will do same.

This also does not insinuate that you should settle for a pre-mature version of yourself.  By premature,  I mean the you that is beneath God’s beauty and investment and the you that still has so much to learn, improve or change. However,  if you don’t love you right now and if you don’t accept you in the rough, you will not be willing to give what it takes to improve that version of you.

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