Empty pocketsI imagine scrolling through the streets of thoughts with a willingness to live;

even when its harsh, struggling with true identity- some of my decisions are deemed rash.

Seeking a desirable future, one filled with plenty and cash,

the reality of the path to follow biographies has shown its nash.

I imagine limitations- such mindsets I must put in the trash,

and for curiosity’s sake, I’ll dream on even when reality wakes.

Awoken, I  press on even when it’s seems I’ve had to pause.

Live healthy and free just like a boss ,grow n’ learn, believing there is a greater cause .

Increase in wisdom and derive pleasure in my true source.

I will engage a mental positive force,

a Strategy believed to win life’s racecourse.

I will await open heavens as i tap from the kingdom’s resource.

Help is on the way for in Jesus, I have a great personality even when there’s no cash…

James Ohiomoba.

 Image by © Push Pictures/Corbis