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The Big Brother Naija first aired on the television screens on 5th March 2006. Since then, it has garnered the interest of viewers, for better or worse, across Nigeria and even Africa at large. There have been a lot of questions about Should Christians Watch Big Brother?

Also, several questions have been asked about its aim. Some are of the opinion that it is meant for entertainment and promoting the Nigerian brand, others condemn the show for its propagation of sexual immorality and other vices. All in all, there are divergent views about the suitability of the show for the human eyes.

Lifegiva ran a poll on Instagram about the show. Here’s what people had to say:

seyikunmi: Ultimately it doesn’t edify.

doyino_o: Its definitely not edifying

queenamarachii: Big Brother naija is not something Christians should make a big deal about. There is a million and one things on the show including games, activities and people just doing what they would be doing in or out of the house. Plus they get ambassadorship deals and prize money plus their brands blow up. It’s basically entertainment

p.esosa: Yes, they teach people sense (in other people’s opinion), they play games and every other thing they do. The values they sell on the show are not good values and as believers, we shouldn’t encourage such. I mean watching it is also endorsing it. You won’t know when you start to “not see anything wrong in gossip or pre-marital sex”. Things you’re supposed to shun, you won’t know when you start slipping, slowly.

tolu_osas: I don’t watch it but from the clips, I see online and what I’ve heard I will never bother because it seems to support so much immorality. I can’t understand why people come to live with strangers and can’t go one month without starting a sexual relationship. It makes no sense to me- if the show was decent then it would have been okay but it’s not.

@tolulopeoludapo: Here is my own two-cent; We have a tendency to defend what we like, for example, if you love to drink sugary drinks  you will defend your choice regardless of the glaring implications of your unhealthy choice.

Be sincere with yourself, ask yourself why do I really like this show? What am I gaining from watching it? What exactly am I looking  for? Am I hoping to stumble on a snuggle moment in the house the middle of the night? And at what cost? Having answered this truthfully, weigh the worth of the investment you are making in the show in terms of your time and emotions. Ask yourself, is it worth it?

Be sincere with yourself, ask yourself why do I really like this show? What am I gaining from watching it? Click To Tweet

So this is really not to say ‘Oh a Christian should or should not watch BBN’ it is a call to be sincere with yourself about what your intentions and motives are.

The call to guard your heart covers every single thing we take in, and BBN should be passed under the same scrutiny.

The call to guard your heart covers every single thing we take in, and BBN should be passed under the same scrutiny. Click To Tweet

You have read the opinions of others. Do you have yours?

Please comment below.

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  1. Pastor Tolu you are so right.
    When you ask yourself sincerely. You will understand….

  2. It is not expedient.
    The initial aim of the show “may” not necessarily have been wrong, but a lot of things have been allowed to slip into the show over the years: giving of condoms obviously for sexual intercourse, forcing(directly or indirectly) the contestants into pairing themselves with members of the opposite sex. The later may have been due to the ratings caused in previous seasons.

    There are a few other things we do which do not always edify, but entertainment should not come at the expense of the consciousness we ought to bear. It was even said in a past season that the program is purely anti-religious.

    I for one had to learn to love the contestants no matter what(with the love of Christ) as they are human beings and creations of the Lord, but it should end there.

    Also, when watching the show, we do not know when we would be fed with sexual or other content, and we begin to see not being able to keep to ourselves as normal.
    If we should guard our hearts against certain movies, how much more certain reality tv shows.

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