The last transfer window closed some days ago, where over €870M was spent; so we want to pick up some valuable lessons we can use in life.

  1. Money is power:

Interestingly, once again, we saw examples of what the holy book spoke about “… Money is a defence…(Ecc 7:12)” Some big teams were not shy in strengthening their squad with their deep pockets. A clear example is Manchester City, after loosing the English Premiership title to Chelsea last season, they look set to regain that title again, and they’ve used the help of their deep pocket. Manchester City alone spent €154.2M in total, and made 2 high profile signings: Raheem Sterling (€49M) and Kevin De Bruyne (€55M). And so far so good, their results have been perfect: 4 wins out of 4 games, 10 goals scored and none conceded. Money is truly a defence, use it wisely!
2. Be quick and decisive:
In life, it’s always good to know what you want and go for it. We saw a good example with Pedro situation. Manchester made him a target in their bid to replace Di Maria, who departed to PSG. Now, we don’t know if United really wanted him or not, or if he was a priority, one thing we know for sure is that United had the money to pay for his release clause (€30M), but they didn’t pay it, and were in negotiations with Barcelona for several days. All of sudden, Jose Mourinho, Chelsea’s coach, realized the need of an attacking signing, and under 24 hours, signed Pedro under United’s nose. With 2 games so far, Pedro has contributed to 3 goals for his new team (1 goal, 2 assists). It pays to be quick and decisive!
3. Try not to break the rules:
Barcelona had been banned from making any signing for breaking some transfer policies; while that didn’t stop them from winning the treble last season, the effects of the ban are beginning to surface, with Xavi and Pedro leaving the team. They made 2 signings this summer (Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal) but both can’t play till January 2016 because of the ban. That leaves Barcelona with a world class first eleven, but a bench of unproven players like Rafinha, Munir, Sandro, Sergi Roberto and so on. So Barcelona might be in trouble if there’s an injury problem of if there’s an extreme team rotation, like we saw in their Spanish Super Cup first leg thrashing by Athletic Bilbao (4-0). The coach, Luis Enrique, decided to rest Pique, Busquets, Rakitic and Iniesta, while Neymar and Alba were out cause of injury. So let’s apply this to life, especially when it comes to God’s rules, try not to break them!
4. People change:
We must understand that people change (and move on), that would help us from getting too hurt or taking things too personal. A good example in this last transfer window was Fabian Delph, amidst transfer rumours, he made this statement with his former club, Aston Villa “I’m not leaving, I’m staying at the football club and I can’t wait for the start of the Premier League season,” 144 hours later, he is at a press conference posing in the jersey of his new club, Manchester City. So your Bae, who says he/she will never leave you, might just invite you to his/her wedding in the nearest future. Lesson: people change! Help: God doesn’t change, trust him!
5. Your potential value has a worth, increase it:
This transfer window, we some signings that seemed too costly considering the player involved. Two notable signings of such are Raheem Sterling (20 years old, €49M) and Anthony Martial (19 years old, €36M); among other factors that led to the price inflation of these players, one notable which the buyers paid for is their potential value. Now, let’s see and hope they fulfill the potential expected of them. So also, in any field you find yourself, increase your potential value, the salaries we get paid many a times is a reflection of our value to such organization.
These are just 5 lessons I decided to put out, hope it made sense and you picked up something to use in life.


Sanni Mayowa


* * *

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