Dejected-Chelsea-playersStrange things are happening!!! Though, as a Chelsea fan, I predicted we would have a tough time this season, but honestly I didn’t expect we would be 16th on EPL table after match day 12. Ok before we try to ask what’s wrong, let’s see how the defending champions have become.

  • They are 16th on the EPL table
  • They have lost 7 out of 12 EPL matches
  • They have won just 3 games out of 12
  • They have conceded 23 goals in 12 matches
  • They have scored just 16goals

This already shows us what crisis Chelsea is in. Now its important to know that Chelsea have quality players and players with achievements like Willian, Hazard, Pedro, Costa, Falcao, Fabregas, Terry, Azculipeta and Courtois; and to round it off, the have the special one as their coach, Jose Mourihno.
Now let’s begin to analyze some noticeable points, I’ll discuss just one point in this post, you can join in the analysis by posting your comments, and we would continue with the other points in other posts.
One important thing I have noticed in Chelsea’s game since last season which is affecting them this season, is that CHELSEA DON’T KNOW HOW TO SCORE! It became obvious in the second round of the champions league last season, the game against PSG, where Ibrahimovic was red carded after 30minutes of the first half, and Chelsea still lost that round to away goals. Chelsea have formed the habit of caressing the ball round the opposition’s box without posing any danger to the goalkeeper, meanwhile their opposition is always direct and straight to the point.
I don’t know if Chelsea is trying to copy Barcelona or something, but it’s obviously not working, barca has a messi who can change the game anytime!!! Not to talk of the creativity and maturity of Iniesta and Xavi (a former barca player). If Chelsea can get their goal scoring sense sorted out, results will change, even if their defense is not impressive; we all know barca doesn’t have a good defense at all, yet they won the treble last season, all because of the work done upfront by Messi, Neyamr and Suarez. A team with Fabregas (who can distribute key passes), Pedro (who can bring pace to the team), Willian (who brings energy and a high work rate), Hazard (who can dribble), Costa (who can score goals) shouldn’t have a goal scoring problem, so I think these players in particular should step up their games because they’ve been brilliantly bad in their performances, only Willian has been outstanding this season.
Please post your analysis and lets get talking.
By the way, my fellow Chelsea fans, I hope you know we are not going to Europe next season, both champions and Europa league, I said so since matchday 3, some thought I was out of point, lol; and to our fellow Chelsea haters (I know they are plenty), you can bant around, we’ll rise again, but some teams shouldn’t open their mouths, teams like a………., lol, just kidding, seriously.


Sanni Mayowa.

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