It’s not news to see a girl at 22 who is still not sure of what to do. What will be impressive is if this same girl had her life centered on God. If she has a positive and solid perspective to life regardless of all it throws her way, if she at least is willing to not stop learning, to build her character, to impact others in her own little way.

A girl might not have it all figured out from where she is but has made it this far with battle scars enough to help the next little girl not to have same scars.

It won’t be surprising to find out that this girl had a set marriage age even when no man currently in her life looks like what see wants, but what’s encouraging is the fact that she’s working on herself to be the kind of woman her dream man would want.

This girl probably doesn’t even know what career path to focus on but what’s amazing is that she has a passion, she has a love for something, she has a skill, she has a trait that she’s building and the fact that she’s not certain of how to get to her destination. She is not just sitting there all pretty doing nothing, she is striving hard and moving regardless of how slow her pace seems, regardless of how steep it is going up hill under this sizzling sun, she’s still at it.

Dear girl, no one had it all figured out at once but what’s is important is you trying no matter what.

In all this I know you might feel low at some point, you might look around and feel like the only one not succeeding at that moment, I employ you to stay true and more committed to your course, covert your bad vibe to fuel your input.

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“You are not alone, I wish above all things that as a lady in waiting, you find peace, patience, joy, fullness, wholeness, awesomeness and fulfillment in God’s love for you. “

Peace Vyncent

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