Yesterdays were once series of tomorrows.

Today is someone’s future.

Tomorrow is a mystery.

Time-zone wise, some of us are in tomorrow.

Soliloquizing, I say this to my sorrow

I deserve better! How come others are being recognized and I’m not. Am I not doing enough? Are my efforts in vain?

Well these thoughts are valid. Only that it leads to covetousness and jealousy, the ‘wishing-it-was-me‘ syndrome.

I should rejoice when others succeed but how come I’m not? I seem to be sad inside of me and the success of others unconsciously makes me hate them.

And its not like I hate them, I just want what they have and since I can’t have it now, I’m not happy.

But if He knows these thoughts and understands me
Then He knows what I need and the steps I should take

So I pray,

Dear Lord, if a thousand years is like a day in Your sight
Then 5, 10, 15 years is nothing to you

In this hospital called life, we are all patients
Sins you came for the sick, then as we wait for you, teach us to be patient.

I’m sure it was worth the read 😀

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