To Slay or Not to Slay #PepperThem

Until recently, I was very bad with social media. I just wasn’t interested in it. I didn’t join facebook till about four to five years ago. I really was nonchalant and I don’t know why.

Even when I tried to get into the whole social media rave, I was just slow at picking some things. You know those people they call “lastma”. Lol!

I mean, I went for a trip with some of my classmates in final year over the weekend and by Monday the week after, I put up a picture from the trip and tagged it with #tbt. I know you are probably shaking your head right now! Lol! Don’t worry, I’m a changed woman, I know better now.

One of my classmates on my timeline wasn’t getting the gist and wanted to make me look funny. I defended myself, of course, I mean warri no dey carry last na. I told her, “Enh, these things can be relative, that’s my own throwback!” But who was I deceiving? I took down the post almost immediately. Hehehe…

But really I wasn’t the social media girl until recently (And I still have a lot to learn). So when I put up a video some weeks back and someone commented, “#PepperThem”, I was lost as I wasn’t familiar with that hashtag. I decided to search for the hashtag and understand it better before I adopt it into my vocabulary.

I also found people tagging themselves as #slayer #slayBaby and the likes and this just occurred to me: These days, people wake up in the morning and everything from their dressing to their language, mannerism and selfies is to “slay” and “pepper them”. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s alright to look nice but you have to regularly ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?

Before God, the motive behind why we do what is very important. Click To Tweet

Every man’s life is like a performance and whether we admit or not, we are performing for someone or something – self, social media, money or God. The truth is whoever your audience or “performee” is determines how you run your life and the little actions you take.

Really, there is something social media does to people. You just feel the need to impress with your posts. This leads some of us to lie about our true state and giving people the wrong impression all in a bid to “slay”.

Let me do a bit of confession here. Before God helped me see how uniquely awesome I am, I used to stalk my friends from primary, secondary school and even my Sunday school friends from church. I stalk them to see how they are doing now; what they are into, how they now look and what have you.

I congratulate myself when I feel like I’m doing better than someone. But there are sometimes when I’m really envious and I just really make up my mind to “slay” with my next post. This was before I learnt from the bible that those who compare themselves are unwise!

When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise. – 2 Cor 10:12

My dear friends, you don’t need to impress anyone. God is your identity. Not you house, car or number of degrees and certificates you own. Do not fall into the trap of thinking the number of likes and comments you get from a post says something about how you are doing. Your validation comes from God and God alone.

Please, I am not saying don’t look good o. In fact, do well to dress well for on earth, we represent our father, the King of kings. We are royalty! Don’t be among those that dress shabbily or those that don’t care but in it all, make sure you are performing for the right person – God.

Finally, I say to you: To slay or not to slay isn’t nearly as important as why you slay…


Thank you for reading, I’ll really like to read a comment from you.

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