“…Just live the best life you can live now. Always live the best life you can”, was the only piece of advice the dying mother could give to her only son.

He is still as pale as white smoke. He has never smoked a cigarette in his life. Never had a drink and has never sucked bleep or bleep. But he has become a very good drug dealer. An ironic life.

He is White Mike (Chace Crawford), a character from the movie “Twelve”.

A wise quote I have always held dear to my heart and also found fascinating is one by Art. L Williams, “All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough”. How true! It took me a long while to fully grasp the weight and depth locked behind those words. Words I picked up from one of the eloquent speeches of Prof. Aize Obayan from Covenant University’s designed “Total Man Concept” program during my undergraduate days.

Then in my first year, those words were nothing more than rhyme, a poem, art. But after a while, along with a little maturity and wisdom, It dawned on me that “all I can do” is actually enough, but that is if I really do all I can do.

Life is never designed to give you what you want, desired, admired, and fantasised. It is actually more specialized with driving you crazy, giving you exactly what you detest most. That was it exactly for Michael, having lost his mum to Cancer, though he’s smart enough to enter Harvard and also once wealthy, having been left emotionally traumatized from the result of the mother’s ailment and ultimate demise, he just gave up on life, my guess, he saw nothing else worth living for, not even to open up to Molly (Emma Roberts); a young damsel who has loved him from childhood, a really pretty 16year old that was as clean as him apart from the dealing drug part.

Funny enough Molly reminds Michael of his mum, and she holds all those childhood memories he cherished so much, having grown up in the same neighbourhood. All he could repay her was lie and lie and more lies, avoid her calls and always end them prematurely with the excuse of “sorry, I have my dad on the other line, I’ve got to go”.

And for Sara (Esti Ginzburg) whose gift was manipulating everybody to get her whatever she wants, yes she’s got the charm, the body and the cunningness, not the money though, that is part of what the “dummies”; her victim get her. She set out to throw the party of the year, you know the kind that will make her the most popular girl in her college, thus in the all the colleges and of course, the city, she got a guy to give her 2000 dollars, used another’s parents big mansion because the parents were away, got another to buy the weed, you know and on and on.

But unfortunately, she never got to live to see that fame when Claude (Billy Magnussen) another character decided to pour the raged of not being preferred to his younger brother coupled with his anger issue opened gun fire at the biggest party in town, killing so many. Really making it the most popular party of the year, with a lot of dead and injured bodies though. He died in the end too.

I won’t forget to tell you about Jessica (Emily Meade) a very beautiful and super intelligent girl, envied by her clique of friends, adored by her rich parents but caught, and celebrated by her teachers, but caught in the web of “twelve” an hard drug (I still wonder why the title of the movie came from this). Yeah she lost her virginity at that party to a drug dealer (not Michael). She wasn’t raped, but gave herself with tears in her eyes in ransom for “twelve” the drug, after exhausting all her savings and the attempt to borrow money from her mum, friends…fell to no avail.

I could go on and recount stories of mis-lived lives.

Will you say you are living “your best life now” all things being equal?

You might want to ask why such a clean guy like White Mike will be dealing drugs, He was just obsessed with the power he holds over the people he deals with, how they couldn’t live without it, without him, but he could strongly live without the drugs.

If you are to describe your present life, will they be manipulative or contributive, or are you just throwing your life away before your very eyes. It’s very true You Live Only One, but this should be more of the reason you will live it for a course you will be proud of when you can live no longer, when all that will remain will either be regrets or rewards from the days you can never reverse. You sure don’t want to just lavish your life because you do not only live once, you might die twice; that is a jist for another day.

Imagine you do “all you can do”, “you live the best life you can live now. As regards your academic pursuit, you study adequately, attend all the classes you can, do further research, attempt all assignment and thesis, meet your lecturer for further exposition…the list of what you can do is endless, but if you really can go through the pain of doing all, I bet you will be on top of your game. This goes for all other aspects of life.

So, I will leave you with same advice White Mike’s mum left him, “…Just live the best life you can live now. Always live the best life you can”. And I’m sure that life will be one lived for God, live for the true love of humanity, lived void of selfishness, lived to give and not just to take or gather.


Thank you for reading, I’ll be waiting to see your comment.

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1 Comment

  1. life in it whole essence can not b lived 2 it fullest with out Jesus

  2. The choices we make everyday and every moment go a long way to determine where we’ll be in the nearest future. I believe that was well played out in the movie you just summarised to us. In fact, I believe I’m being moved to go get that movie and see it. Life might be complicated, but if we live each day and each moment as a little fragment of Eternity, we would be well on our way to enjoying the best of our lives now…and by extension, secure our future.

  3. We should have this in mind”live your life everyday as if their is no tomorrow”from there ,we will learn to live evryday of our lives rightly. Its a job well done……

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