Vulnerability: More Helpful Than You Think


As Christians, sometimes when we know that we have done something wrong or fallen short of God’s glory in a way or the other, especially when it is glaring e.g. Premarital pregnancy, we have a tendency to go on the defensive and shut everyone out, in a bid to protect ourselves. We refuse to be vulnerable or even accept help for fear of being judged.

Unfortunately, this only serves to take us farther from God as opposed to causing restoration. We carefully craft ‘smart’ replies, give people the look before they give us, build walls around ourselves, become cynical, etc. One of the most damaging ones, is that we begin to act the way it’s expected of ‘people like us’ because afterall, there is no point in trying to prove that we have changed or that our sin is not who we are.

Sadly, all of these attitudes never solve anything. As a Christian, it’s very important to remember that we are not alone in this race. We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses – Heb 12:1 who have gone ahead of us and are cheering us on.

The devil knows that God resists the proud – James 4:6 and that is why he will prevent you from being vulnerable or admitting you need help. By this I am not saying that you should allow yourself to be walked all over or be constantly put down, in the name of help. In fact anyone that will do that to you, is not of God. Their correction should be born from a place of love and not condemnation.

However, you should submit to brothers and sisters that can prayerfully and truthfully counsel you and hold you accountable – it’s scriptural. You can know those kinds of people by their fruits.

Be wise, some are wolves in sheep clothing. As you get counseled, read the word by yourself. Check all they say with the word. Finally, be led, yes be led. You sinned, true; but you still have His Spirit in you. So let Him lead you.
God bless you

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